All You Need to Know about SNS Dip Powder Colors

SNS is a nail care company known to manufacture one of the best dip powders in the fashion industry. SNS means Signature Nail System, and they don’t produce any polish except dip powders.

SNS nail powder colors are applied using the powder with glue which gives a result that lasts long on the nails. SNS dip powders come in different shades like regular nail polishes.

Dip powders were made especially for people that are allergic to the acrylic smell of nail polishes. Many people seem to prefer it to nail polishes because it is less harmless; there is no possibility of the harm of UV lights because dip powders do not need UV light to cure. UV light is said to have adverse effects on the skin and human body, making dip powders a safer choice.

SNS Dip Powder Colors

SNS was founded by a man who worked in the nail care industry for up to 30 years. During his year as a worker, he understood that women could not do without beautifying their bodies, but there are some harms they want to avoid. His experience led him to think of dip powders as an alternative for women to trim their nails.

SNS dipping powders were first released in the year 1990, and since then, many adjustments have been made to the product to better customer experience. Dip powders are made with powder, unlike polishes that are made of gel. Using dip powders is straightforward; you only need to apply the bonding liquid on your nails and then dip your fingers into the powder. You can repeat this process as much as possible till you get the desired result.

Are SNS Nails Better than Gels and Polishes

Judging from the celebrity’s point of view, many celebrity nail artists say they prefer dip powders to gels and polishes. They give some reasons for giving dip powders their votes ahead of gels and waxes. Continue reading to know more about these reasons.

The dip powder’s primary advantage over gels and polishes is that it doesn’t need UV light to cure after using the powder. UV light has had several adverse effects on nail polish users because the rays are discovered to be harsh on the skin. But in the case of dip powders, as fast as the bonding liquid is applied, the powder is stuck to the nail till you decide to remove it.

Many other people also bend towards the side of dip powders because of their allergy to the scent of gels and polishes. Some people do not like the smell, while some people’s skin reacts badly to gels and waxes as it causes rashes. But dip powders do not have any of these adverse effects on customers.

Another edge that dip powders have over gels and polishes is that gels and waxes can only last between 2 to 3 weeks, while dip powders can stay on the nails for a month if the mail’s growth is not fast.

Another advantage of dip powders is that they offer a more comprehensive range of colors than gels and polishes. And you can use them for virtually everything you can use gels and waxes for.

Also, SNS powder dip nails are more natural than gels and polishes. It is also healthier than gels because some toxic components are used in the manufacturing of gels. But it would help if you visited a salon for an expert to help you with a dip powder because misapplying the bonding liquid affects the nails badly.

How Much Does SNS Dip Powder Cost?

SNS dip powder is affordable, but it costs a bit more than regular polish and gel. The difference between dip powder and gels is slight when compared to the advantages of dip powder. Dip Powder is also more costly to maintain than regular polishes and gels. 

Is SNS Bad for the Nail?

SNS dip colors has been in existence for more than 20 years, and no adverse effect has been recorded in connection to dip powders. Instead, it contains supplements like vitamins that help the nail bed.

The only harm that can be associated with dip powders is when the bonding liquid is not applied correctly, and that is why it is not recommended to be used by yourself.

Removing SNS Dip Powder Colors

No nail beautification product is as easy and straightforward to remove as dip powders. Dip powders are removed by dipping cotton buds in polish remover and using it to clean the design. After that, you should use a coil to secure it.

It also does not talk much time as you can dip your fingers in liquid for up to 10 minutes then clean it off.


SNS is a leading brand that focuses solely on manufacturing dip powder colors to help customers beautify their fingers with lesser risks. Dip powders do not have harmful effects; it only has healthy products. Dip powders also offer more colors and support nail arts too.