Best Nail Dipping Systems

The popularity of nail dipping systems has been increasing rapidly in the last decade due to the numerous improvements in their formulations. Consequently, copious dipping powder brands have been introduced into the beauty industry, and the number of users has also dramatically risen. It is advantageous to the dip system lovers as they are provided with a huge variety of products for comparison. Furthermore, the increase in the number of customers has opened up the market, making dip powders worth investing in and trying out. If you are not aware of the dipping powder systems, we have provided you with the five most trusted, sought, and rated dip powder brands in the market.

SNS Dipping Powder Student Kit

The SNS company invented the first dipping powder system. The manufacturer primarily focuses on the product, users, and health to end damaged nails. It is formulated with essential nutrients that nourish the nails, improves their health, and make the manicure long-lasting. The student kit is best for those having their dip powder mani for the first time. It works best on French manicure designs. The kit contains a French dip molding, white shades, and three pink shades that give your nails a classy look.

Additionally, the kit is easy to use, lacks harsh chemical and odor-free, which makes it great for both professionals and beginners. Do not be confused by the lightweight feeling of dip powder on nails because users are assured of up to 21 days of a chip-free mani. Besides, it is infused with Calcium and Vitamin E that make your nails healthy. You will also realize that you can get the kit at an affordable price from the wholesale nail supplies store. SNS products have been proved to live up to their status, and their quality is worth every penny that you spend. With SNS dipping powder, you are promised the glossiest finish.

NUGENESIS Dipping Powder Starter Kit

NuGenesis starter kit is formulated with Vitamin E and Calcium to nourish your nails and increase their strength. The formula makes the powder odor-free, non-toxic, and lightweight, making it the easiest way to get a glossy finish and a long-lasting manicure. There are five essential liquids in the NuGenesis starter kit containing a French dip molding, three pink and white dip powders. Both home users and professionals can easily use the NuGenesis dipping powder because, besides its ease of application, safety is its manufacturer’s highest priority. Furthermore, nail supplies stores sell NuGenesis dip powder at reasonable prices. By choosing NuGenesis, you are just a step away from a unique manicure that lasts longer than three weeks before chipping o cracking.

OPI Dipping Powder Starter Kit

OPI is a well-reknowed dip powder brand in the beauty industry. The manufacturer is also working on a new powder line aimed at improving its popularity when launched. Nevertheless, OPI is a highly competitive dip powder brand and the best alternative for traditional acrylic and gel manicure. It is also formulated in such a way that it feels lightweight while giving your nails a thicker and more robust look. OPI combines liquid Kit 3 with a Powder Perfection Pink and White Trio Kit that gives your nails a perfect French mani. The kit sets contain three essential liquids and three pink and white powders. There are no harsh chemicals in its formulation, which makes it odorless and gives it high safety and health standards.

KIARA SKY Dipping Powder Starter Kit

Instagram and other social media platforms are flooded with elegant and chic Kiara Sky dip powder manicure pictures. The launch of this dip powder brand has taken the whole internet with a frenzy making every manicure lover want to try it out. The nail-nourishing vitamins in its formulation make it one of the best dip powder brands in the market. Its lack of harsh chemicals makes it safe to use and healthy for your nails and skin. The kit contains an easy-to-use dip case, five pink and white powders, and six essential liquids.

ANC Professional Nail Dip System Kit


Among the newly introduced dip powder brands is the ANC dipping powder kit. Its popularity has been increasing faster than anticipated giving it hope for a high future reputation. The high quality ANC products make it unique and distinguished. Also, it is environmentally friendly, great for natural healthy nails, lightweight, and odor-free. It results in a durable and safe mani that makes the nails strong and healthy.


Dip powder systems are the modern way of achieving the most luxurious, chic, and glossy finish by both professionals and starters. Just visit the nearest nail supplies and choose the brand that heightens your feelings. You do not have to see beautiful nails on social media anymore. It is time to get that perfect design you have always longed for by choosing dip powder systems.