Tanning Guide for All the Beginners: Tips You Need to Know

Tanning isn’t that much of a difficult job as it might seem when you are going for it for the first time. Someone who has started tanning for the first time might think that it is a time consuming and hectic process.

Tanning Guide for Beginners

For all the beginners, some basic guidelines could be sufficient enough to master the skill of getting tanned. In this article, we will discuss all the important points you need to know about tanning as a beginner. So what are we waiting for? Let’s have a look at them.

When Is the Best Time to Get Tanned

Honestly speaking, there is no right or wrong time to start tanning. The moment you make up your mind to get yourself tanned is just the perfect time to start tanning. Just make sure that you are of the right age. For teenagers, tanning might be harmful especially if you have sensitive skin. So in such a case, it is important to consult an expert before making this decision.

Tanning Products to Have

A beginner must have the knowledge about the products to be used for tanning. Here is a list of products along with their description of usage.

A Body Scrub

A body scrub is necessary for you as it helps in removing the dead cells from your skin. In this way, the tanning product will be better absorbed in the skin, giving a clean and complete finish.

Tanning Lotion

A tanning lotion is a quick way to get yourself tanned. It also provides amazing moisturization to your skin. You can use it alone or you can apply it on already tanned skin. For all the people who have a bit of dry skin, tanning lotion is the best tanning product to use.

Tan Accelerator

A tan accelerator helps in quickly developing your tan color and helps maintain it for the longest time. For additional benefits, you can use a tan accelerator with sunscreen. It will make your tan stronger and also protect it from sunlight. After using this product, just forget about sunburns. Enjoy your beautiful, dark and bronzed look for the longest time. (more…)

Can the Pregnant Women Use Gel Nail Polish?

At any time, every woman wants to be beautiful and perfect in everyone’s eyes. Even during pregnancy, women still want to always look beautiful, but if you do not know how to beautify properly, it will seriously affect your health as well as the baby in your belly. There are many reputable gel polish brands, allowing pregnant women to use during pregnancy without harming the fetus. Famous and good brands such as: SNS, LDS, Kiara SKy, DND, OPI, Nugenesis, etc. You can consult and buy gel nail polish of these gel polish brands.

During pregnancy, pregnant women need to be taken care of and abstain from many things, however, every pregnant woman wants to both keep her baby’s health and still fulfill her beauty needs. own. So, can pregnant women do Nails or make Gel nail polish? Does it affect the development of the fetus or not?

What Is Nail Polish, Nail Gel Polish?

Pregnant Women Use Gel Nail Polish

Nail making is the term used to refer to manipulating the shape and color of your fingernails and toenails with specialized paint or gel.

Gel nail polish is one of the new innovations of nail polish. This technique is preferred due to its better gloss color, higher durability due to difficulty in peeling (can keep up to 3 weeks). (more…)

The Best Ever Skincare Routine for Combination Skin You Need to Try Out

The claim that combination skin is impossible to take care of is truly a myth. Though it is hard, you can definitely treat it by following simple steps. It doesn’t even require hefty procedures. You just need to follow a few simple steps. You just need to be careful about the selection of products. Along with that, follow the information given below related to combination skin. It will guide you about the facts about your skin type and also give you an effective way to address issues of your skin.

Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

Characteristics of combination skin

Combination skin happens to be the most unique skin type ever. Some of the characteristics of this skin type includes the appearance of oily spots at some points while the rest appear to be normal. Sometimes it gets extremely dry and at times, it may show mild to severe oil breakouts.

Another important feature of combination skin is the appearance of open pores at various areas of your skin. These may include nose, under eye and cheek areas.

The presence of oily or dry areas makes makeup look flaky and rough. It may also wear off quickly and form patches on your face.

How combination skin is different from other types

Combination skin is quite different from other skin types due to obvious reasons. The main reason is that it acts as normal, dry or oily at the same time. So you have to treat all these things at the same time using a minimum amount of products.

It is quite oftenly observed that combination skin develops acne or eczema. It may also depict severe sebum production which can also trigger infections and allergies.

The most vital skin care steps which you are supposed to stay vigilant about

Now moving on to the actual skincare routine of combination skin. There are certain steps which are a must to do when you possess such a skin type.

Firstly, it is very important to cleanse out your skin properly. This is very vital as there are open pores present abundantly on such skin types. Impurities get trapped in the pores and clog them. In a lot of people, Korean cleanser for combination skin has proved beneficial for effective cleansing. You should also try one out and make sure your skin is free from unnecessary clogging. (more…)

All You Need to Know about SNS Dip Powder Colors

SNS is a nail care company known to manufacture one of the best dip powders in the fashion industry. SNS means Signature Nail System, and they don’t produce any polish except dip powders.

SNS nail powder colors are applied using the powder with glue which gives a result that lasts long on the nails. SNS dip powders come in different shades like regular nail polishes.

Dip powders were made especially for people that are allergic to the acrylic smell of nail polishes. Many people seem to prefer it to nail polishes because it is less harmless; there is no possibility of the harm of UV lights because dip powders do not need UV light to cure. UV light is said to have adverse effects on the skin and human body, making dip powders a safer choice.

SNS Dip Powder Colors

SNS was founded by a man who worked in the nail care industry for up to 30 years. During his year as a worker, he understood that women could not do without beautifying their bodies, but there are some harms they want to avoid. His experience led him to think of dip powders as an alternative for women to trim their nails.

SNS dipping powders were first released in the year 1990, and since then, many adjustments have been made to the product to better customer experience. Dip powders are made with powder, unlike polishes that are made of gel. Using dip powders is straightforward; you only need to apply the bonding liquid on your nails and then dip your fingers into the powder. You can repeat this process as much as possible till you get the desired result.

Are SNS Nails Better than Gels and Polishes

Judging from the celebrity’s point of view, many celebrity nail artists say they prefer dip powders to gels and polishes. They give some reasons for giving dip powders their votes ahead of gels and waxes. Continue reading to know more about these reasons. (more…)

Learn Amazing Benefits & Reasons to Buy OPI Gel Polish

OPI gel polish is a nail care brand with a simple gel source that can be applied to nails even at home to replicate the salon nail care look. This gel polish generally looks more glossy on the nail than regular/traditional manicure and pedicure products. This gel polish helps you save salon funds and time spent in the salon because it doesn’t require any professional experience before you can use it.

OPI polish leads in providing extreme, rigid shades, chipless/ tearless and fast to dry nail care. Simple to beat the price tag, kit OPI gel can be acquired at a lower price, unlike other gel polishes and the polish lasts on nails for a month that grants users the chance to move around with different shades of glitters for a month. The gel polish has many shades and kits that you can start with as a beginner and end the nail care like a professional Manicurist.

How to apply OPI gel polish

You must make sure your nails are neat; optionally, you can scrape your nails if you desire but ensure to wipe off all available dust and dirt from the pin.

Apply OPI bonding agent on the nail to enable the gel to stay on the nail, then hydrate your nail with an alcoholic nail wipe to wipe the pin again to expand the polish lifecycle. (more…)

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting a Gel Manicure

Not long ago, girls showed off their beautiful face makeup with their captivating eyes and lustrous lipstick. Today, trends have changed with nail manicures taking over from the attractive eyes and glossy lips. You have exciting options available to you in the form of DND polish. This article extols the virtues of gel manicures and offers guidance on how to take care of your gel nails to keep looking great week after week.

Some Fact Checks on Gel Nails

Faux nails, overlays, and extensions are exciting ways to get beautiful manicures, but nothing can beat the look of natural nails with a generous coating of DND DC gel.

False nail extensions are challenging to have because you have to ensure they stick to your natural nail. It requires the nail stylist to rough up the nail surface by filing it. People can find this effort a bit painful and hence, are not much comfortable with the process. (more…)

Top 5 Best Full Coverage Foundation – Cover Up Basically Anything

If you need the best full cover foundation that can cover up basically anything from acne, blemishes, tattoos even, here are some of the best brands out there. These foundations are dermatologically approved, apply smoothly to the skin and lasts up to 24 hours! Foundation choosing should be based on first your skin tone and then what you are trying to cover up. It might be difficult to find the perfect colors to cover up blemishes thus it is wiser to just opt for full coverage foundations.

NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation

Amazon best-selling product B07JQ8FMP7


The We Cant Stop Wont Stop Full Coverage Foundation is lightweight and has a matte finish that helps to control shine and add a matte touch for up to 24 hours. To add on to reasons why this is a must have, this foundation, is waterproof and sweat proof which assures the wearer of undisturbed makeup even in areas with moisture. This is perfect for combination, sensitive and oily skin. Another measure of joy is that it is non-comedogenic and that entails acne prevention. Moreover, this foundation is from an animal cruelty free brand! This foundation also comes in 24 flattering shades and you can have your pick.

Dermablend Flawless Creator Multi-Use Liquid Foundation Makeup, Full Coverage Foundation

Amazon best-selling product B071GQJGNF


This lightweight full coverage foundation does not cake up the skin and lasts throughout the day looking fresh and dewy. It can be used on all the skin types including sensitive and acne prone skin as it is non-comedogenic. A joy to using this foundation is that it can be customized by mixing it with either moisturizer or serum to create either a custom moisturizer or a custom foundation that is dewy respectively. This foundation does a great job of covering up all types of blemishes. This foundation has up to 20 shades and thus applicable to multiple skin tones.

Covergirl Simply Clean Powder Foundation, Classic Ivory

Amazon best-selling product B001ESIZ8Q


The Covergirl Simply Clean Powder Foundation is a lightweight foundation with full coverage that lasts for the entire day. It is tone evening as it contains hypoallergenic formula. This is the best powder for oily skin as it reduces shine. This foundation comes in six different shades that give off a flawless finish and does not clog pores. A joy that comes with this foundation is that its cruelty free which means that none of our furry friends were hurt in the process of coming up with this foundation! (more…)

Best Nail Dipping Systems

The popularity of nail dipping systems has been increasing rapidly in the last decade due to the numerous improvements in their formulations. Consequently, copious dipping powder brands have been introduced into the beauty industry, and the number of users has also dramatically risen. It is advantageous to the dip system lovers as they are provided with a huge variety of products for comparison. Furthermore, the increase in the number of customers has opened up the market, making dip powders worth investing in and trying out. If you are not aware of the dipping powder systems, we have provided you with the five most trusted, sought, and rated dip powder brands in the market.

SNS Dipping Powder Student Kit

The SNS company invented the first dipping powder system. The manufacturer primarily focuses on the product, users, and health to end damaged nails. It is formulated with essential nutrients that nourish the nails, improves their health, and make the manicure long-lasting. The student kit is best for those having their dip powder mani for the first time. It works best on French manicure designs. The kit contains a French dip molding, white shades, and three pink shades that give your nails a classy look.

Additionally, the kit is easy to use, lacks harsh chemical and odor-free, which makes it great for both professionals and beginners. Do not be confused by the lightweight feeling of dip powder on nails because users are assured of up to 21 days of a chip-free mani. Besides, it is infused with Calcium and Vitamin E that make your nails healthy. You will also realize that you can get the kit at an affordable price from the wholesale nail supplies store. SNS products have been proved to live up to their status, and their quality is worth every penny that you spend. With SNS dipping powder, you are promised the glossiest finish.


Know the General Food Tips During Pregnancy

The primary source of the baby’s nourishment depends on what a woman eats. So there are various food and beverages which help the baby for growth and development.

Key Ingredients

A pregnant woman needs protein, calcium, folic acid, and iron in more amount than she thinks. These help in proper growth and development of the baby.


Protein is vital during pregnancy as it helps in building essential organs of the baby, which includes the heart and brain. A woman should eat a protein-rich diet and add food materials like poultry, fish, peas, eggs, meat, dried beans, and nuts. You can also opt for protein powder pregnancy kits to get enough protein for the proper growth. Consult a doctor for protein powder and increase the amount of the other food items in your diet. You can also make your protein powder but consult your doctor and then start adding it in your diet with the proper amount.


Calcium helps in developing the baby’s bones and teeth. Many dairy products contain Vitamin D, which helps in strengthening the teeth and bones of the baby. If the pregnant woman doesn’t get enough calcium or if she won’t consume enough calcium, then calcium from her bones is drawn in the development of the baby. Many calcium-rich food items should be added in the diet, which includes calcium-fortified juices and foods, yogurt, milk, cheese, green leafy vegetables as well as salmon with bones.


7 Myths That May Be Putting You Off Cloth Nappies

This time last year we started using cloth nappies.  Bee was 8 months old.  We had intended to try them very early on, but in the haze of first time parenthood they fell way down the list of priorities, somewhere beneath sleep and personal hygiene.  But I wish we had revisited the idea sooner.  When we finally took the step we found it far easier than expected.  With borrowed nappies and advice from a new friend, not forgetting the local nappy library, we figured out a system that worked for us and Bee.

In celebration of our 1 year, cloth bum anniversary I’ve rounded-up 7 myths about cloth nappies that may be putting you off.

Cloth Nappies are Expensive

Initially, yes, it can feel like quite an outlay.  And certainly if you fall victim to the cloth bum addiction that most do, then you can spend quite a few pennies on new designs and patterns.  But in the long-term, cloth nappies are cheaper than disposables, especially if you use them for more than one child.  It’s definitely worth using a Nappy Library to find the right system for your baby, before you spend money.  And of course, looking out for promotions, like Real Nappy Week can get you big savings.  It’s also good to remember, that well cared for cloth nappies have a very good resale value.

Cloth Nappies Involve Lots of Work

Admittedly they do take more effort than something you take out of a packet and throw in the bin afterwards.  But is it lots of work?  Not at all.  We do 3-4 nappy washes a week.  We’ve developed a system of hanging, drying and stuffing that is the least amount of effort for us.  Personally, we believe that the small increase in laundry is tiny in comparison to the benefits of reusable nappies.  I’ve actually come to really enjoy stuffing nappies of an evening, whilst catching up on my favourite television.

Cloth Nappies Need Changing More

Disposable nappies are designed to draw moisture away from baby’s bum.  To do this as effectively as they do, they are lined with super-absorbant polymers, made with a combination of chemicals like sodium hydrochloride, acrylic acid and chlorine. Research says that trace amounts of these chemicals reach baby’s skin, although claim that the levels are not harmful.  Cloth nappies use more natural methods to absorb urine and wick moisture away from the skin, that pose no fraction of worry to a baby’s bottom.  Boosted cloth nappies can go a good few hours, and to be honest that’s really enough.  Changing a baby’s nappy more often can only be a good thing, I wouldn’t want to sat in cold wee for very long, especially if there were chemicals in the mix too.

Cloth Nappies Keep Bottoms Wet and Cause Rashes

The non-absorbent properties of fleece make it an excellent wicking layer to line cloth nappies with.  Urine passes through into the absorbent core but is prevented from sitting next to the baby’s skin.  There is no wetness.

Nappy rash is primarily caused by the reaction between poo and wee.  There is no evidence to suggest  that nappy choice has any effect.  They key to preventing nappy rash is regular changing, something that comes with the territory of cloth nappies.

Cloth Nappies are Unhygienic

As parents we come to realise that we all share the same family bugs (eat of each others plates, share ice creams, towels and baths etc) so washing nappies at 40°C is generally enough, with the occasional 60°C every now and again.  Nappies used on newborn and ill children should always be washed at 60°C, which is sufficient to rid them of bacteria.  We store our used nappies in a lidded bin and wash every other day, so they never really build up a stink, unlike disposables which can be sitting in your outside bin for weeks.  The poo scrape or flick does take a little getting used to, especially if you breastfeed, but a good hand-washing afterwards (which you’d do after changing a disposable anyway) is all that is needed.

Cloth Nappies are Not Really Environmental

Cloth nappies pose different environmental challenges to disposable nappies.  Disposable nappies end up in landfill, they take hundreds of years to degrade, and their manufacture has a huge impact on the environment.  Disposable nappies use three and a half times more energy to make than cloth nappies.  Cloth nappies use energy in the cleaning process, but the type of people who chose reusable nappies, tend to also wash laundry in a more environmentally friendly manner – 40°C not 60°C, energy-efficient machines, full loads, and line drying.  Users have no control over the environmental impact of disposable nappies, but cloth nappy families can choose more environmental ways to lessen the impact.

Cloth Nappies Make Finding Clothes Harder

As disposable nappies have come more the norm, the design of baby clothes has changed.  Less fabric is needed and more slimline designs are created.  But there are still plenty of baby clothes that will fit over a cloth bum.  Sometimes you have to go up a size, as we do with sleep suits, but generally you simply learn what styles will work, in the same way you know what shapes suit your own body.  Roomy trousers and dungarees, tights and wool leggings are always winners.  There are also cut for cloth brands, Frugi is my favourite, that are reason enough to use reusable nappies.  We’ve also found that vintage baby clothes, from the charity shop or attic, also fit a treat.

We are so glad we switched to cloth nappies.  I feel happier knowing that Bee is comfortable, with no chemicals or clammy, non-fabric material next to her skin (I remember those awful maternity pads).  I love that we are lessening our impact on the environment, and my bank account loves that we are lessening the impact on our finances.  Cloth bums look so cute, and there are so many really lovely nappy designs and patterns.  Sometimes, all it takes is the joy of picking out your favourite pattern to brighten up a poo-y day. Sorry

Real Nappy Week runs between 24th – 30th April.  Look out for promotions, competitions and discounts across online stores and social media.