Best Gel Nail Polish Colors to Try out This Summer

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere, with the mercury touching new heights daily. So, you must have pulled out your light-colored clothing from the closet. But have you looked at your nail polish? Do they have the hangover of winter and the spring? It is time to change over to the summer shades if it has. So, which summer shade would you recommend? I have received this question from hundreds of people across the globe. So, here are my suggestions on the summer nail gel colors you should try out in 2022.

The Best Summer Collection – 2022

You might have seen that the winter collection was full of dark colors. Now, the summer is diametrically opposite to winter. So, should I stack up the light shades? Yes, you are right. The summer is the ideal time to bring out all the light shades and have a great time experimenting with the best gel nail polish on your nails.

The pristine whites – Settle for nothing than the best

Best Summer Collection

If you are going for lighter shades, can there be anything softer than white? White gel nail polish is the perfect color for your nails during summer. Usually, you wear white clothes in summer to reflect the heat and make you comfortable. The white nails are somewhat similar because they reflect the heat and keep your nails calm and relaxed. If you do not believe it, please try having a dark color on your nails in summer and experience how you feel for a couple of days. You will feel the difference when you switch over to white.

The light blues – Seem inviting

Best Summer Collection

Not everyone likes to have white-colored gel polish on their nails. Though it is one of the best summer gel nail colors, it can be too simple for comfort. So, you can try out the light blue hues. The light sky-blue hue is the most preferred gel nail polish off the lot because of its natural beauty. But, you can also try the ocean-blue shades and still look at your most attractive best.

You can also try out different variations of the blue, like the lavender or the light violets. They look perfect on your nails during the summer months. Almost all the top nail polish manufacturers have different shades of light blue on their color charts. Select the one that suits you the best.

Continue with the light greens – Gel with nature

Best Summer Collection

You would have switched from dark winter hues to green spring hues. Of course, you can continue with the greens from the spring, but we suggest you dilute them and go for the lighter shades. Besides, the soft greens are perfect for summer because they match your light-colored clothing.

Secondly, the light greens are ideally suited to match all skin tones, from the fairest to the most tanned. You can dilute or concentrate the green according to your skin tone and make an authentic fashion statement.

The light pinks suit the season the best

Best Summer Collection

While it can be tempting to see the deep red shades glisten on your nails, we do not suggest having them in summer. These beautiful shades can illuminate any party setup instantly, but they are not the best ones to wear on a hot summer day. The light pinks should be a better option. The brighter red shades can be inviting but absorb heat and make you uncomfortable. On the other hand, the light pinks are ideal because they reflect as much heat and light as possible to make you feel relaxed.

Game enough to try the yellow

the Best Summer Collection

Many people loathe trying the yellow shade because it can look dominating on your nails. They go for the subtler shades like the metallic hues, including golden and bronze. However, light yellow is one of the most beautiful colors to wear on your nails during the summer. It is a soft color that reflects heat. Besides, the yellow nails match your light-colored dresses better than the darker hues.

However, the older generation can be a bit wary of yellow. So, yellow seems to be a predominantly belonging to the younger brigade. Anyway, trying yellow summer gel color polish requires a lot of guts.

Stay away from the darker tones

All colors look beautiful on your nails during summer, provided you have the softer shades. You can keep the darker hues for the harsher seasons like autumn and winter. So, if you wish to have blue, it is better to go for light blue than the dark navy blue color. Similarly, soft chocolate color is preferable to dark brown tans any day.

Final Thoughts

As summer continues with its full glory, you can pull out the softest colors from your cosmetic collection and have a wonderful time trying one light color after the other.