How to Select the Perfect DND Nail Color for Yourself?

DND nail colors became trendy for its own benefits. It lasts longer and easy to apply, and gives an amazing finishing to your nails. Everyone loves to appear top-notch and always look good no matter wherever they are heading to. For this, what can be the best way to compliment one’s dressing and style with the help of using some classic nail paint. It not only helps you to balance your look but also, it completes your look.

Majority females are fond of applying dark colors of nail paint because they have never experienced the light or bright color. Since nail polishes are a very personal choice, no one can force you to apply any DND nail color. People have zero idea of nail selection and when they go to the manicure or pedicure and still did not get the result in which they will look good, they start blaming the workers.

How to Select the Perfect DND Nail Color for Yourself

Here, the only mistake is selection of desirable nail color which is not a difficult task. Usually people don’t have that much time to do research for the perfect nail color that is why we are providing you with the best suggestions for your nails.

While it is great to wear seasonally amazing  nail colors, you also need to remember not all colors match your complexion. This means that every color range flatters different skin tones, and you can choose what shade will go best with yours to look chic just like you want. Let us go through some common nail polish colors which will look good on your skin tone.

Select the Perfect DND Nail Color

Nail Polish for Light Skin Tone

If you are having a lighter or rather pale skin tone then you should go for bright and light pastel colors of DND nail colors. It means that you have a variety of color options available in nail paints.

Light colors are considered a cool tone and people who are light toned can apply cool DND nail polish every time. Daisy DND nail polish and mint DND nail polish are the best combination for such toned people. However, the DND colors that are best to be avoided are extra dark shades of greens, blues, or any kind of gold in order to set a balanced vibe as well as avoid any sort of unwanted contrast.

Nail Polish for Tanned Tone

For the individuals who tend to have rather wheatish or tanned skin tones, it is best for them to apply bright, bold, and beautiful colors in DND nail color. Since this type of complexion is considered to be one of the most attractive ones, bright hues will help you to complement your natural color.

This means that instead of going with simple neutral DND nail paint shades that will look similar to your skin tone, it is better for you to apply colors that can help you to enhance your overall complexion and bring out your personality. Daisy DND nail polish will be appropriate for every type of individual.

Nail Polish for Dark Tone

Fashion industry loves models who have dark toned skin color. If you have dark skin and you are conscious about the nail color of your hands and feets then read out these tips. Go for dark green, maroon, dark red etc. they will enhance your appearance.

Moreover, colors that tend to have lighter shades such as lilac, chocolate brown and black will also be appropriate for you. These colors will not give you a good look but it will look decent and professional in an office environment.

Hence, the colors that are not suitable for the dark toned people are daisy DND nail polish and nude colors nail polishes. Take care of these steps if you want to make your nails look prettier than ever before.

Nail Polish for Fair Skin Tone

If you are in between the light tone people and tanned tone people then you are one of those lucky people who can apply every nail paint on their nail.  Just like you have a collection of clothes according to the vents, you can build up your collection of nail polishes in your life too for the sake of perfect hands and feets.

Just like others, there are some basic colors which are only for people of fair skin tone such as pastel colors, daisy DND nail polish, and black nail polish. Yellow and orange are the colors of nail polish which are not suitable for people who have fair toned complexion.


Summing everything up, you can apply any color of your own choice but, if you actually want to make your hands look prettier than you should follow the above steps. All you need to find the best nail color for your nails and then slay them.

The best practice is to apply the nail polishes according to your color complexion. You can also find the guidelines for nails and nail polishes from different blogs and articles as well.