Learn Amazing Benefits & Reasons to Buy OPI Gel Polish

OPI gel polish is a nail care brand with a simple gel source that can be applied to nails even at home to replicate the salon nail care look. This gel polish generally looks more glossy on the nail than regular/traditional manicure and pedicure products. This gel polish helps you save salon funds and time spent in the salon because it doesn’t require any professional experience before you can use it.

OPI polish leads in providing extreme, rigid shades, chipless/ tearless and fast to dry nail care. Simple to beat the price tag, kit OPI gel can be acquired at a lower price, unlike other gel polishes and the polish lasts on nails for a month that grants users the chance to move around with different shades of glitters for a month. The gel polish has many shades and kits that you can start with as a beginner and end the nail care like a professional Manicurist.

How to apply OPI gel polish

You must make sure your nails are neat; optionally, you can scrape your nails if you desire but ensure to wipe off all available dust and dirt from the pin.

Apply OPI bonding agent on the nail to enable the gel to stay on the nail, then hydrate your nail with an alcoholic nail wipe to wipe the pin again to expand the polish lifecycle.

Apply any OPI gel base coat on your nails, cure the applied base coat with an Ultraviolet lamp for 60 seconds, apply this brand nail polish shade, then dry again under the light for another six seconds.

Finally, apply OPI gel color topcoat, then dry under the same lamp again for sixty seconds.

As far as you follow these listed application procedures for applying this gel polish, be sure to have a gorgeous, dynamic, and glowing nail care that will suit your party.

How do I clean off OPI gel polish?

Cleaning off this gel polish from nails is effortless and straightforward. You can wipe off this gel polish by soaking cotton in acetone, then rub the soaked cotton on the nail, then allow the cotton to stay on the nail for ten minutes before removing the cotton.

Extra tips:

Do not use other nail care products with this nail care product because this Manicure product is formulated with necessary vitamin and calcium ingredients that will work effectively with your any nail type.

It is also important to note that you must allow your nails to dry before moving around or touching things to prevent chipping and peeling.

OPI gel polish is tested to ensure that their polishes give their users high-quality manicures. This product tends to use the same formula in creating their polishes and other manicure products.

Frequently Asked Questions About OPI Gel Polish

Is Gel Nail Polish safe for your nails?

OPI gel nail lacquer does not damage the nail bed. In fact, it strengthens them! The only time there is any potential harm to one’s natural nails can be if they peel off or you try to force their removal with a file. While some other brands of gels are available in retail stores and used by yourself at home, GelColor from OPI is exclusive through a professional salon environment that will handle all aspects of application such as curing lamps which also means less irritation on skin around fingernails when using this product.

How Long Does a Gel Nail Polish Manicure Last?

A gel manicure typically lasts longer than a regular manicure. Because the polish is soaked into the nail, it doesn’t wear off from friction like other polishes do. The durability of gel polish depends on how well the natural nail underneath supports it.

A gel nail polish manicure can last up to two weeks if you care for it properly. They are perfect for women who hate having to keep going back to the salon every week or those who want a more durable and long-lasting look that lasts.

What is the Difference Between Gel Nails and Acrylic Nails?

Gel manicures are more natural than acrylic nails. If you want a polish that looks like it’s your real nail, then gel is for you. Gel nails are made by using the UV light curing technology. It is a safe and healthy alternative to acrylics or other toxic materials.


OPI gel polish assures safe and uncracked nails. It resists water and doesn’t require much time to apply. This product guarantees extreme nails and protects against cuticle and skin irritation.

Buy OPI gel polish and you will never want to go for other nail care products again because it will provide you a great nail look that you never want to resist.