Can the Pregnant Women Use Gel Nail Polish?

At any time, every woman wants to be beautiful and perfect in everyone’s eyes. Even during pregnancy, women still want to always look beautiful, but if you do not know how to beautify properly, it will seriously affect your health as well as the baby in your belly. There are many reputable gel polish brands, allowing pregnant women to use during pregnancy without harming the fetus. Famous and good brands such as: SNS, LDS, Kiara SKy, DND, OPI, Nugenesis, etc. You can consult and buy gel nail polish of these gel polish brands.

During pregnancy, pregnant women need to be taken care of and abstain from many things, however, every pregnant woman wants to both keep her baby’s health and still fulfill her beauty needs. own. So, can pregnant women do Nails or make Gel nail polish? Does it affect the development of the fetus or not?

What Is Nail Polish, Nail Gel Polish?

Pregnant Women Use Gel Nail Polish

Nail making is the term used to refer to manipulating the shape and color of your fingernails and toenails with specialized paint or gel.

Gel nail polish is one of the new innovations of nail polish. This technique is preferred due to its better gloss color, higher durability due to difficulty in peeling (can keep up to 3 weeks).

Gel nail polish can comfortably come into contact with detergents such as dishwashing liquid, washing powder, house cleaner…

Do Pregnant Women Use Gel Nail Polish?

In nail polish contains substances capable of affecting children’s brains. Nail polish is mainly extracted from Nitrifying Cellulose, combined with some chemicals such as Acetone and other chemical coloring materials, these substances have certain toxic properties to human’s health. In some research at Columbia, it has been shown that there are also phthalates in nail polish, which have the ability to affect children’s brains. A survey conducted with more than 300 women and their children based on the results of urine samples and IQ tests at the age of 7 showed that: pregnant women with 25% phthalates in urine will lead to results that their child’s IQ is only 6-8 points, lower than other normal children.

The high levels of Phthalates in the mother’s body can also affect reasoning and cognition to children’s memory. The reason is that Phthalates also have the ability to disrupt hormonal hormones, especially the mother’s thyroid hormone – a very important component to help the baby’s brain develop comprehensively.

Pregnant women, who use the types of nail polishes containing Dibutyl Phthalate can also affect the function of the uterus, increasing the risk of premature birth, low birth weight as well as developmental problems of the newborn. Even worse, it can lead to miscarriage.

Therefore, pregnant women during pregnancy are advised not to use nail gel polish on their nails because this can adversely affect the health of both the mother and the development of the baby. However, many gel polish brands have launched the advanced product lines that can support pregnant women to beautify their nails during pregnancy without causing any harm to the mother’s health and baby.

Using Safe Gel Nail Polish During Pregnancy

When doing nails and using gel nails polish, pregnant women should do it in well-ventilated places, with ventilated windows to avoid inhaling unpleasant odors. You guys should keep their nails short or moderately long to limit nail breakage or other unwanted situations as well as to be more convenient in taking care of themselves during pregnancy. When removing nail polish, pregnant women should also do it in a ventilated place, after removing it, wash it with soap.

After using nail polish, if you prepare food, especially rolls and mixed dishes, you should use the gloves to avoid the paint peeling off and mixing with the food. Please don’t forget to choose carefully and buy gel nail polish colors that not containing 3 substances: Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Toluene (you can see on the product label), or pregnant women can also use nail polish colors with natural extracts are safer.

When you guys go to the nail salon to do nails, you should have the own tools and need to sterilize them before using and also ask the manicurists not to cut the dead skin cuticle because it can lead to danger infection in pregnant women.

Final thought

With the above information, hopefully pregnant women have answered the question: Should pregnant women use Gel nail polish? In nail gel polish, there are still ingredients that affect the mother and baby, so you should be very carefully to choose & buy gel nail polish, so pay attention to buy nail polish from good gel polish brands. Wishing you a healthy and beautiful pregnancy!