Everything You Need To Know Before Getting a Gel Manicure

Not long ago, girls showed off their beautiful face makeup with their captivating eyes and lustrous lipstick. Today, trends have changed with nail manicures taking over from the attractive eyes and glossy lips. You have exciting options available to you in the form of DND polish. This article extols the virtues of gel manicures and offers guidance on how to take care of your gel nails to keep looking great week after week.

Some Fact Checks on Gel Nails

Faux nails, overlays, and extensions are exciting ways to get beautiful manicures, but nothing can beat the look of natural nails with a generous coating of DND DC gel.

False nail extensions are challenging to have because you have to ensure they stick to your natural nail. It requires the nail stylist to rough up the nail surface by filing it. People can find this effort a bit painful and hence, are not much comfortable with the process.

With gel polish, there are no requirements to make the nail rough. All you ensure is that the nails are as dry as possible.

Why gels are a class apart?

Here are some points that prove gels are better than other available nail manicure processes.

  • When you think of false nail extensions, all you get are long nails, hard and powder-dipped. They have to be bard to cover up your natural nails. In contrast, gel nails are not hard at all. You need UV lamps to harden gel polish. If you need extended lengths, you can always have the artificial nail tips.
  • The best part of gel nails is that they are not thick like the dip powder manicures. They do not need the extra thickness.
  • Compared to other nail manicures, gel nails are easier to apply and less abrasive on the nail bed. Therefore, gel nails are safer and healthier for your skin.
  • On the pricing front, DND DC nail polish can get pricey if you need regular coatings. However, the initial gel coating is easily affordable and worth every dollar you spend on it.
  • Though acrylic nails can last for a month or more, gel manicures are equally good as you can have them for three to five weeks comfortably.

Tips to get an excellent gel manicure

These tips can help you get one of the most attractive gel manicures to show off on social media.

It is essential to prepare your nails well for an excellent gel manicure. The excess oils on your hands can affect your gel polish. It is advisable to dab your nails on a soft and absorbent towel to get rid of the moisture. It ensures an excellent nail job.

It is necessary to protect your cuticles and nail beds. Using a cuticle remover will help loosen it and melt the dead tissue. The cuticle pusher can help brush off the dead tissue. Finally, you need a lint-free nail wipe to remove the residual tissue and a cuticle nipper to eliminate the excess tissue hanging around.

You can use the nail file to shape your nails according to your preference. The file helps you get attractive shapes like almond-shaped tips, rounded squares, stiletto tips, etc.

After removing all the moisture from your nails, you can start with your gel manicure. The first step is to lay an excellent foundation. The basecoat ensures you have the perfect platform for the best nail manicure. However, you should ensure to have as thin a layer of basecoat as possible. You should ensure to dry the foundation under the UV lamp. This process is also known as curing.

The best feature of gel polish is that you can experiment with a fantastic color range. DND DC gel is available in excellent shades to entice you to go for the best. However, you should ensure to cure the gel polish perfectly. It could cause lifting, otherwise.

Finally, the topcoat is the one that provides the necessary glossy look to your nails. It helps to seal the work and put everything in its place to prevent chipping.

You can add a drop of cuticle oil and rub it in to help the nail retain some moisture and, thus, remain hydrated.

Problems you can encounter when doing a gel manicure

The trick to have an exciting gel nail manicure is to have it as thin as possible. Secondly, you should ensure the topping of the nail edges to prevent the nail from chipping off a couple of days after application. Hence, the ideal solution is to have the nail job done professionally by a nail salon technician.

Secondly, it is essential to preserve the manicure. You can do so by not overworking your nails. It helps to reduce the refills and also helps strengthen your nails. A good diet plays a stellar role in ensuring an excellent job.


We have discussed how a perfectly-done gel manicure can make your nails look glamorous and attractive. Thus, you can show it off with pride on your social media handles.