Footprints On Forever Baby Bundle Review

As my due date draws ever closer (how did I get to 33 weeks so fast?), my thoughts are turning towards preparing for the new baby. Well, as much as they can do with 2 blogs to run and a very energetic 2.5 year old in tow. Thankfully, Sophie from Footprints on Forever gave me the perfect push for a bit of baby focused me-time, by asking me to review their new Footprints on Forever Baby Bundle.


Footprints on Forever Baby Bundle


I’m already a secret owner of several of the Footprints on Forever pants. They are hands-down the comfiest pants I have ever owned! And, there’s even a Pants Club – although I may be breaking the rules by talking about Pants Club 😉

So, with the comfiest pants ever in mind, I thought it was high time I had some child-sized Footprints on Forever clothing. And who can say no to tiny, newborn sized lounge legs (or harem pants).


Footprints on Forever Baby Bundle Selection


The best thing about the Footprints on Forever Baby Bundle, whether buying for yourself or as a gift, is how completely customisable it is. You can choose everything. No worrying if there’s going to be something in there not quite right. You can choose the fabric, colours, flavours, and scents of everything.

As someone who doesn’t drink coffee, and is quite picky about their tea – this was a big plus for me. I was able to choose the exact tea I wanted – and it wasn’t all herbal and fruit tea. I chose Russian Earl Grey and Mint Chocolate Rooibos. Because I own a teapot with incorporated leaf-tea strainer (that makes me sound much fancier than I am), I decided not to have a tea ball strainer, instead choosing fillable, biodegradable teabags. For when I don’t fancy making a pot, but mainly because you can put fresh ground coffee in them. I can make Dan a proper coffee without the hassle (and mess) of the coffee machine.


Footprints on Forever Baby Bundle Contents - Tea, Teabags & Hot Chocolate Spoon


In addition to tea or coffee, the bundle also includes chocolate. Sophie forgot to include mine but I’m very much looking forward to tasting it when it does appear. You can chose from a selection of fair-trade, white, milk, or dark, buttons or bars.

The hot chocolate spoon I have to admit I’m a little dubious about. I’ve had one before and I couldn’t get the chocolate to melt quite as smoothly as I would have liked. It could be just me, with too hot/too cool milk or lack of patience – so I will give it another a go. But I think if I chose again I’d have two chocolate bars instead!

From the bath and body section I chose a Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit Bath Melt and Raw Chocolate Lip Balm. They’re both natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly. I love lip balm, and this one goes on super smooth. Bee is a summer baby, and I found giving birth in the summer heat (along with the gas and air) made my lips really dry. Lip balm is a life-saver, and I’ll be reaching for it during this birth too.

I don’t usually have baths, I’m more of a shower-and-go person, so choosing the bath melt was a reminder to myself to slow-down and relax as the baby’s arrival gets closer. My skin felt super smooth after using it, and Dan tells me (I’m hopeless at reviewing anything smelly as I have no sense of smell) that it smelt delicious.


Footprints on Forever Baby Bundle Muslin, Bath Melt and Lip Balm


One of my favourite things in the box was the muslin. Surprising, I know! Muslins are muslins – or so you’d think. We already have a ton of muslins, and they actually still get used quite a bit because they’re so versatile. But this muslin is like no muslin I have previously owned. Not only is it a fabulously vibrant colour, but the quality of the handwoven organic cotton and bamboo is amazing. It’s thick for a muslin and the bamboo is going to give it great absorbency for mopping up all those baby dribbles. I imagine that when this is washed it will just get softer and softer.

I chose a fiddle necklace for my box. Bee had one when she was teething and twiddling (although not nearly so nice) and I wanted baby to have their own. I was lucky enough to get a rainbow one. They’re made with silicone beads, so completely safe for baby to chew on – and perfect for a fiddle distraction whilst feeding or carrying in a sling.


Footprints on Forever Baby Bundle Lounge Legs and Fiddle Necklace


Each Footprints on Forever Baby Bundle is centred around a pair of Lounge Legs or Harem Pants (0-3 months). You can choose whatever fabric you like. Sophie will even order fabric in if you have something particular in mind.

We wanted to choose something unisex (as we don’t know the sex of this baby), but still something bold and bright. I love this rainbow star print on black. The fabric is super soft and, if anything like my pants, will be really comfortable for baby to wear. I will definitely be buying more Footprints on Forever baby clothes (and dare I say, matching ones for Bee).


Footprints on Forever Baby Bundle in box


If I could change one thing about the bundle it would be the box it comes in. Sensible, eco-conscious me has no problem with the brown cardboard box. But if I was gifting the bundle to someone I think I’d like something a little prettier. Maybe a little Footprints on Forever branded cotton bag would be a nice option?

Nevertheless, I was really impressed with the Footprints on Forever Baby Bundle. A nice little treat for both mum and baby.

The Footprints on Forever Baby Bundle is customisable to your exact needs, but the base packages range from £26 – £35 (plus postage).  To get your hands on one, you can find Footprints on Forever on Facebook. Simply message Sophie and she’ll create the perfect bundle for you.

This is a sponsored post. Sophie gifted me a Footprints on Forever Baby Bundle in return for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and words are my own.


  1. June 1, 2018 / 7:14 pm

    This is such a lovely idea! I will def look Into getting one for me and this little baby! Love it!

    • catherine
      June 1, 2018 / 7:27 pm

      They are really lovely, and the first bundle of its kind that I’ve seen where you can choose everything.

  2. Mary
    June 1, 2018 / 9:47 pm


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