Autumn Books for a Toddler

Bee has a small basket of books in the living room. To keep it fresh I swap some of them every season or whenever Bee is developing a new interest.

We have a growing collection of books that live on her bookshelf in the Nursery, but a lot of the time I look for books in charity shops that fit a theme or current interest. Unfortunately the board book selection at our local library is abysmal, although Bee still loves a trip there to sit on the miniature chairs and touch all the book spines on the shelves.

autumn books

My First Farm and Honk Honk Baa Baa! are favourites from Bee’s last book basket and so they have stayed. Bee really started showing a fascination with animals around her first birthday and they have  remained a really strong interest of hers.

Honk Honk Baa Baa! by Petr Horáček is a simple animal noise book with lovely illustrations and really easy to turn graduated pages.

My First Farm by DK is essentially a photographic dictionary of animals and farmyard vehicles and that’s mainly how Bee uses it. She usually fetches it and turns to a specific page when she is wanting to show us an animal that matches one she has seen or heard elsewhere. I really like how it shows different breeds of the same animal as well as both male and female animals.

two autumn books
We love Helen Oxenbury and own several of her books. The simple four line rhyme spread over four pages make All Fall Down super easy for Bee to follow and she loves anticipating the ending. The illustrations are adorable and Bee seems to really relate to them.

I included Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes by Childs Play because Bee is obsessed with showing us her toes, and increasingly her tummy. The rhyme and actions make her giggle, especially when I squeeze her knees, and hopefully it will help her identify other parts of her body.

four autumn books

Bee’s autumn themed books are spread between her basket and shelves.

Meg and Mog by Helen Nicole and Jan Pieńkowski brings back real childhood memories for me. While the text is a little advanced for a 14 month old, the pictures are super bright and introduce simple and cute Halloween imagery. Bee really enjoys looking at this book.

I found Orange Pear Apple Bear by Emily Greaver in a charity shop.  The text is very simple and the illustrations delicate and quirky.

Wind by Carol Thompson lives on Bee’s shelves next to her box of fabric leaves. It’s beautifully onomatopoeic. Bee loves it when the ‘wind blows’ and I gently blow into her face.

Night Night by Petr Horáček has adorable illustrations of woodland animals going to sleep in their natural environments. It gives me a real sense of hygge and I just want to snuggle Bee and go to bed.

What are you reading?



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