Random Acts Of Kindness for Advent

It’s only a week until the official countdown begins. And if like me, you’re looking for something a little less commercial and heap more heart-warming this Advent, then you’re in the right place. This year, we’re challenging ourselves to 24 Random Acts of Kindness for Advent.



Here’s whats on our list.

Random Acts of Kindness for the World

  • Feed the birds
  • Go Vegetarian/Vegan for the day
  • Pick up litter
  • Make an eco switch – ditch the plastic/swap your cleaning products/try reusable sanitary products
  • Sign a petition/Support a cause
  • items to a charity shop/money to a collector


Random Acts of Kindness for Charity

  • Buy a homeless person a hot drink
  • Donate to a food bank
  • Start a piggy bank for a cause/charity
  • Buy someone a Christmas gift from a charity shop
  • Donate an item to an animal charity collection box


Random Acts of Kindness for the Community

  • Let someone in front of you in the queue/in the car
  • Bake for a neighbour
  • Buy someone a drink
  • Help a mama (or father, grandparent, carer) – open a door/help with a pram/tell them they rock
  • Run an errand for someone in need
  • Love bomb a public toilet – leave sticky notes on the mirrors with body positive affirmations/compliments
  • Support a local business


Random Acts of Kindness for Loved Ones

  • Phone someone you haven’t spoken to for a while
  • Leave a love note
  • Secretly leave a gift for a friend
  • Cook your partner/child/parent their favourite meal
  • Give compliments all day
  • Have a “yes” day


Why not join us this Advent, and try your own Random Acts of Kindness for Advent challenge?

I’ll keep you updated on how ours is going throughout Advent. Let me know if you take part too.

Random Acts Of Kindness



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