Pumpkin Festival 2016

I love pumpkins.  This year I discovered we not only had a pumpkin patch in Yorkshire, we had a pumpkin festival.  So with great excitement, off our little family went.  It wasn’t just Bee’s first time to a pumpkin patch, it was Mama and Daddy’s too.

The day started very grey and miserable, rain keeping us company all the way there.  But I’d packed waterproofs, and the wet weather was not going to deter us – my only worry was not being able use my camera if it did’t improve.  Thankfully, the photography gods heard my prayers and the rain stopped almost as soon as we pulled into the car park.

I have never seen so many pumpkins in one place. They were everywhere. Displayed in piles and rows all around the collection of marquees and bell tents that made up the festival site.

pumpkin patch - pumpkin festival

After browsing the activities on offer (face painting, storytelling, trailer ride, corn cannon, reptile encounter) and deciding that Bee was a little too small to appreciate them, we headed straight to the pumpkin field to pick our pumpkins. Bee bobbed along in the sling as Daddy and I squelched through the mud with our wheelbarrow. We chose a quiet spot and commenced our search.

Baby Bee exploring pumpkins - pumpkin festival

Bee got straight into investigating the pumpkins. I think she may have even kissed one.

As Daddy searched for our three perfect pumpkins, Bee and I wandered through the patch. She was equally as interested in the mud and was particularly taken by the spilt guts of a smashed pumpkin. Everything had to be touched and explored, with great attention given to the smallest detail.

Baby Bee in a pumpkin field - pumpkin festival

We found three fantastic pumpkins, including a little white one for Bee which I have in mind for a very special project.

The wheelbarrow came into its own as a ride for Bee, sparing the sling from its now very muddy little passenger. Fortunately, Bee seemed pleased as punch with her new method of transportation.

Baby Bee and pumpkins in a wheelbarrow - pumpkin festival

After paying for our pumpkins and loading them into the car, along with our muddy waterproofs, we headed to the cafe for a pumpkin-spice hot chocolate and a slice of pumpkin pie. And then it was time to go home.

Bee waved goodbye to the goats and rabbits on the way back to the car, gradually getting heavier and heavier in the sling. As we started the car Bee’s head began to nod and she was asleep before we passed the farm gates. Maybe she was dreaming of pumpkins.

*Farmer Copleys Pumpkin Festival runs until the 31st October 2016*


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