13 Mama Merch Makers To Lust Over

For a long time after Bee was born I eschewed Mama Merch. Not because I don’t like it. In fact, I found myself drawn to it over and over.


Mama Merch made me feel guilty.


Guilty for having a child. Guilty for having IVF that worked first time.


I desperately wanted to celebrate my new identity, to celebrate motherhood. But I was acutely aware of all those women struggling to become a mother themselves. I was one of those women for a while.

It took quite some time for me to feel comfortable with motherhood. And Bee was 18 months before I wore my first piece of Mama Merch.

I think I found peace. A promise to myself, to always see the positive, to always be grateful. Because, a happy mother, thankful for the children she has been granted, stings far less, than a mother forever moaning and wishing it away.


For me, mama Merch has become a way of saying, “I’m damn proud to be a mother” and “I’m so utterly blessed to have a child”.



Here’s the top 13 Mama Merch makers, fuelling my addiction.


Lucky Sew And Sew

My first piece of Mama Merch came from Carly at Lucky Sew And Sew, a ‘Haters Gonna Hate, Mamas Gonna Lactate’ pin. It marked the beginning of not only my pin collection, but my Mama Merch obsession. She custom makes amazing bras, nursing bras, and swimwear out of the most fabulous fabrics (I’ve been lusting after one for quite some time), as well powerful pins and patches. Her latest collection, Coven of Mothers, is filling up a fair bit of my Christmas wish list.

Coven Of Mothers Bag By Lucky Sew And Sew - Best Mama Merch


Mère Soeur

If you love slogan tees, totes and mugs, then Mère Soeur is your spiritual home. I could quite happily own everything in the shop – but the bOOb appreciation mug and Frida Nipple pin are particularly special. My Mère tee is well loved, I just need a Stronger Together tee for when it’s in the wash. I mean, slogan tees are like books (and pins), you can never have too many, right?

Boob Appreciation Mug By Mère Soeur - Best Mama Mercy


Bloody Nora Pam

I’ve bought Bee an Eliminate Girl Hate tee for Christmas, but now I’m wishing I’d got one for myself too. Can’t beat a bit of feminist twinning, right? Emma and Adam create positive, and inspiring clothing, pins and bags around gender, body image and parenting. And, they donate 10% of profits to the UK Sepsis Trust.

Eliminate Girl The Kids Tee By Bloody Nora Pam - Best Mama Merch


Punky Moms UK

A huge array of Mama Merch for every budget.  From Printables and Stickers to Jackets and Hoodies, Punky Moms have your every Mama Merch need covered. I have my eye on a Riot Mthrrr patch, and a Tiny Feminist one for Bee – I need to get started on her patch game.

Riot Mthrrr Patch By Punky Moms UK - Best Mama Merch



Home of the much Instagrammed Be Kind and Dream tee, La.totch specialises in monochrome slogan apparel. The black and white simplicity, make the clothes so very wearable. My t-shirt collection definitely needs the Just Roll With It, and Mother tees.

Mother Tee By La.totch - Best Mama Merch


We Are Enough

Not just for Mamas, We Are Enough create empowering clothes, bags and pins to unite and strengthen everyone. Their collections each have a particular message in mind, and a percentage of the profits go to the charities that inspired them, such as Daughters of Eve, and Domestic Violence and Abuse Services. I’d quite like an Unapologetic Woman tee for myself.

Unapologetic Woman Tee By We Are Enough - Best Mama Merch


Woody and Florence

A shop full of beautifully designed, prints, illustrations, and patches. Woody & Florence offer up something a little different to the Mama Merch scene. I’m hoping for a Mamas Got Your Back print for the kitchen, and I need the Mama patch in my collection.

Mamas Got Your Back Print By Woody And Florence - Best Mama Merch


Winter & Rain

Creator of the much sought after Lioness Not Princess collection, Winter & Rain creates empowering feminist merchandise for women. When they’re back in stock, I’m bagging myself a Lioness Not Princess tote and Power Pin. 15% of profits from the Lioness collection are donated to Womens’ Aid.

Lioness Not Princess Tote By Winter & Rain - Best Mama Merch


Betty RatBag

I’m in love with the illustrations that feature on Betty Ratbag’s clothes, prints, totes, and pins. So much more than just a slogan, the flowing designs speak so loudly. Empowering mothers and celebrating breastfeeding, stretch marks and the weight that mama’s carry, the collections really pack a punch. My wall needs the Goddess Breastfeeding print – if only it was available in A2!

Hidden Tears tee By Betty Ragbag - Best Mama Merch


Grrl Gang Art

Taynee of Grrl Gang Art, draws the sexiest, curvy girls and mamas in her illustrations. All about the self-love and body positivity, her work is inspirational. I love her Girl Gang Four Eyed Pin, and her breastfeeding illustrations have such a sense of badass goddess about them.

Breastfeeding Illustration By Grrl Gang Art - Best Mama Merch

More Than A Mother

Got to support my (very) local Mama Merch business, I’m just gutted I missed out on a Lactivist pin. Here’s hoping there’s a new breastfeeding pin in the pipeline. All (yes, that’s right, all) profits from the rainbow glitter Mother pin go to Sands UK, so buying one is basically giving to charity – so no spending guilt there. I’ve just bought mine.

Rainbow Mother Pin by More Than A Mother - One Of The Best Mama Merch Makers


Mother Like No Other

For the mama’s fed up of unsolicited parenting advice, or those god-forbid dtrsying from the mainstream path. Mother Like No Other signature slogan reminds the world that you’re doing it your way.  Also home to the I Am Strong, I Am Brave, I Am Smart kids tops and a pretty awesome Every Mama Is Different phone case.

Every Mother Is different Phone Case By Mother Like No Other - Mama Merch


Haus Of Mono

Hand-printed clothes to empower and embolden. Haus Of Mono’s collections feature powerful slogans like, Take No Shit, Power House, and Rebel Rebel & Yell. I personally love the Motherworldly raglan, for a bit of understated Mama Merch.

Motherworldly Raglan Top By Haus Of Mono - Mama Merch


*Mama Cat + Baby Bee has not been asked to do this post or include these specific Mama Merch Makers, nor have any payments of freebies been exchanged.  I simply wanted to share my favourite Mama Merch Makers with you.


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  1. Amanda
    January 30, 2018 / 2:10 pm

    I missed this post!! Love it. Shame i missed it for Christmas but now I have the loooongest birthday list. Thanks for the gorgeousness of celebrating motherhood xxx

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