It’s The Little Things 9/52

This week has simply disappeared before my eyes.  I love this regular post, not only because it keeps my blogging pinned down to a rough schedule, but because even when I think I’ve had a rubbish week, there’s always a Little Thing that has made it brighter.

A Little Nail Polish

I painted my nails.  I haven’t painted them in ages, I think just once since Bee was born. And before that, it was an irregular occurrence.  Working in a nursery classroom meant manicured hands didn’t last so well when repeatedly challenged with play dough, sand, glue and paint.   But this week I felt like treating myself.  A tiny indulgence.  And I’d forgotten how big a difference such a small thing could make.

A Little Lucky Timing

I don’t know what has happened these last 6 weeks, but it seems like we’re blighted with illness.  We’ve had flu, migraines, colds and now our second round of a sickness bug.  Thankfully, there’s always one of us left standing to hold the fort just long enough for the other to get better.   But this week, when unexpected sickness took me down, we were lucky that Nanna was staying with us.  She took care of Bee, Dan didn’t have to take time off work, and I spent the entire day in bed.

A Little Springtime Bloom

The sun came out and we finally got a chance to take some photos in the spot of crocus’ and daffodils I’d spotted a few weeks ago.  In actual fact, it was a bit of a snatched moment, after spending too long feeding the ducks.  But just some quick snaps before lunchtime, and my photography itch would be scratched.  Bee had other plans though.  The bank of crocus was far too similar to a slide.  Bee proceeded to bottom-shuffle all the way down, “wheeing” all the way.  She left a perfect swathe of crushed flowers in her path.  I managed a few photos, between the laughter and eye-rolling.  And Bee had a wonderful time!

little girl touching a crocus

little girl amongst flowers

Hopefully, we’ll all be bit healthier in the coming weeks, as we continue our search for our new home, and welcome spring to our door.

What Little Things have made you smile this week?

Dear Little Daisy



  1. March 19, 2017 / 3:25 am

    So glad that the sun has been shining for you! Well done for painting your nails – I feel like I want to do mine now – he he! You’re so right it really is those little things that make all the difference. Best of luck in your home hunt – how exciting! x

    • catherine
      March 22, 2017 / 4:00 pm

      I don’t feel so excited by the house move – its not really by choice and I could do without it. But trying to look on the positive side of it.

  2. March 21, 2017 / 2:22 am

    I absolutely adore those photos, and I love hearing how this linky is helping people stop and think about the little things. Hope you’re all feeling much better now! Thanks for linking up with #itsthelittlethingslinky xx

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