It’s The Little Things 14/52 & 15/52

Two for the price of one this week.  Last week was so super busy, that trying to do my Little Things post fell to the bottom of the heap.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s okay – that although I love my blog, Bee and the needs of our family come first.

So, the upside is, you get a double helping of Little Things this week.

A Little Panic Resolved

We’ve found a house!  No more house viewings.  No more cold-sweats in the middle of the night.  It was a tense moment, knowing how much interest there was, a great house in a popular location.  I was the first viewer and I submitted our application almost immediately.  We don’t have a move in date yet, but it’s so nice to let my mind shift over to the packing stage, and leave all the worry behind.

A Little Splashing

Bee is water mad.  As soon as anyone turns the tap on, she thunders into the kitchen, drags her steps to the sink, asks for her apron and demands “bubbles”.  So, we end up doing a lot of water play – watering the plants in the garden, paddling pool, baths and washing-up.  This last fortnight, we also managed to fit in a trip to the water park and swimming.  Bee had a whale of a time.  Swimming isn’t one of my favourite things to do (too much time freezing with half my body out the water, not to mention the glasses problem) but I’m learning, that as parents we do things for our children we wouldn’t normally even consider.  Some things change in our head instantly (catching their sick/scooping poo), some take time (swimming/soft play), and some are still a challenge but we endure them (for me that’s crowded places).

little things girl playing in water park

A Little Explosion of Understanding

I think Bee is on the brink of her language explosion.  She’s still regularly adding new words to her vocabulary, but this week she seems to be ramping up her nonsense talking, singing, chanting and shouting.  Her understanding blows me away, and it’s so adorable when she tries to explain things, like a combination of clues to what she means.  Today I asked her to tell Dadu we had done.  Bee pointed to the floor and made her sound for water, then “ssssss” (snake) and “bubbles” (the pool had a giant snake spraying water and making bubbles).  I love how her mind works.

A Little Comedy

Some things you think you’re never going to see in life.  Some things you think are only reserved for You Tube.  But this week I was witness to the most awesome little old lady.   We had nodded at each other a couple of times around the shop, her on her scooter and me pushing Bee in the buggy.  I’d made it to the checkout and she was just behind me. As I paid I heard a thump, and turned to see – almost in slow motion – an entire stand of loose-packed Cadbury’s Creme Eggs topple to the ground, spraying hundreds of eggs in every direction.  I looked up at the lady, and she just shrugged her shoulders and said “oops”.  I could do nothing but laugh.

A Little Boob

Bee doesn’t say milk, she signs for it.  For a while she would ask for “bic”, which became “boo”, then “boop” and finally “boob”.  I was fine with that, but I hadn’t really thought it through.  Luckily, I find it funny rather than embarrassing when she’s shouting “boob” at me in the swimming pool changing rooms.  But some of the Mamas at our last La Leche League meeting had a little surprise, and myself some embarrassment, when every time she noticed them feeding she pointed and announced “boob” to the room.  Thankfully it was a small group, and all the Mamas were okay (I think).  We will see what happens at the next meeting.

little things children on swing

The last two weeks have also seen the Easter holidays, a trip to stay with my parents full of chocolate melt-downs and endless trips to the park, the start of Real Nappy Week which I love, and my birthday which we spent having fabulous days out and playing games with friends.

So, all-in-all its been pretty hectic, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.  On the blog front I have a review to write and a bit of a rant about council endorsed parenting advice (both time sensitive), and personally, we’re swamped under boxes of packing, have mountains of things to sell or get rid off, and have a wedding to buy outfits for and attend in London.

What have you been up to this fortnight?  What are your Little Things?

Oh, and if anyone has any tips for protecting Bee’s eczema-prone skin during all the water play, it would be very much appreciated.

  Dilan and Me


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  1. April 27, 2017 / 4:53 pm

    We started dating our kids. 😀 That’s our little thing. Whether the date takes 30 minutes or two hours, we are sure to make it special. They specifically call it a “date.” We talk about the date all day before it occurs. We pursue their child’s heart and emotions. We savor the love and joy during the event. And our kid feels so loved, cherished, valued, and secure in their child-parent relationship.

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