It’s The Little Things 13/52

I’ve been so busy this week that I’m pretty surprised I’m even managed to find time for some Little Things.  But I’m glad I have.  No matter how long my to do list, I always like to make sure that I spend focussed time with Bee everyday.  Time where we’re doing something for her, together.

A Little Choo Choo

We visited Bee’s Gran at the weekend.  It’s not always the easiest overnight stay, and as Bee has become more mobile it has got more difficult.  There’s usually a lot of waiting around in rooms full of a million and one breakables.  This time we managed to persuade Gran to come out for a walk to the local park.  Thankfully the sun was shining.  We were delighted to discover that the miniature railway we’d spotted last visit was running, and offering trips around the boating pond.  Bee hadn’t been on a miniature railway since last spring when she didn’t really understand what was going on.  This time however, she choochooed all the way round.  And when we pulled into the station, she didn’t want to get off.

Little girl on a miniature train

A Little Milestone

Along with blogging comes social media.  It’s not my favourite part of the process, but a necessity for promotion.  This week I reached a social media milestone.  I passed 1000 followers on Twitter.  It’s probably the easiest to grow, but my least favourite so I don’t really invest as much time there as Facebook and Instagram.  Nevertheless, I was pleased to pass the 1000 mark.

A Little Easter Egg Hunt

After they were struck down with chickenpox, and quarantined for what seemed like forever, Bee saw her two small friends twice this week.  I love that Bee has these little connections.  She even made the sign ‘friend’ when I told her we were going to see them.   Bee was invited to her first ever Easter egg hunt.  She didn’t really understand the concept, and at times was more interested in the rest of the toys in the garden, but everyone had fun.  And Bee seemed to pay much more attention when she realised the eggs were chocolate.

Little children collecting easter eggs


What have you been up to this week?  What are your Little Things?

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