And Then We Were One

October is my favourite month. It holds a special astrological significance for me. I like to think of October as my auspicious month. It has brought me many good things.


lantern parade in october


Dan and I began our relationship on a crisp October evening many moons ago (13 years to be precise). And that’s turned out pretty well. Then 3 years ago, on a rather unremarkable October day, I injected my first dose of fertility drugs. As the world carried on turning, we stopped everyday, injected and hoped. And, so very luckily for us, that October beginning turned out just perfectly too.


toddler in a rabbit ear hat sitting next to a pumpkin


And now, here I sit in front of my computer, celebrating another October anniversary. One that has come around much quicker than I expected. One that I don’t think would ever have happened, had those fateful Octobers not given me the confidence, as a not-quite-wife and a mother.


woman with blonde hair carrying a toddler in a bear suit on Ilkley moor


I had to take a very deep breath before I first pressed that publish button. It was so far out of my comfort zone. I was laying myself bare to strangers. But probably more nerve-wracking, I was laying myself bare to friends and family. Usually very quiet and private, it was a big deal for me. I’m not sure what I expected to happen. Nothing changed. I think only two people read that first ever post. And before long I was more annoyed that no one was reading the posts I wrote, than worrying about what people thought. It’s nice to know you’re not writing into thin air.

Looking back, I’ve come a pretty long way. My most popular post to date, 25 Things To Do In West Yorkshire Before You’re Five, has been read 9,620 times! But that one was a little out of the realms of my usual readership numbers.


when i can't write


My favourite posts, the ones that mean the most to me, that have so much of my heart in them, seem to also be very popular with you all.  So thank you for that.

A Letter To My Breastfeeding, Bed-Sharing Toddler.

The Biggest Lie About Becoming A Mother.

How Much Is Your Child’s Life Worth?

They’re the ones that are the hardest to write. That take a lot of me with them. So to know they are read and loved, means an awful lot. Thank you.


When the Children Go Back To School We Will Jump In Every Puddle


I’ve enjoyed meeting you all on social media too. To receive your feedback, comments and interactions, has been really affirming. I can’t say I love Twitter, but my little Instagram and Facebook communities are my mini-obsessions (which sometimes side-track me little from actual blogging). Some of you I feel I know, but have never met. Some of you I’ve had the pleasure to meet in real life because of my blog. And some of you were there before and are still here now cheering me on. Thank you, all of you.



Now, one year on, I think I’m beginning to get the hang of it a little better. It can be overwhelming. There’s so much I want to improve, and write, and tinker with – but only very limited time. I’m still primarily Bee’s mama, I’m at home for her. So internet-stardom is not on the horizon. But I so enjoy my blog. And I do have little goals I hope to achieve this coming year.

I want to write content more consistently. To improve my photography and make it more of a feature. I want to hone my niche. Hopefully I’ll be starting up a Mama Be Mighty (#MamaBeMighty) guest series, bringing you interviews with inspirational Mamas, sharing their stories. And I want more people to read my blog, and join my little newsletter community.



Lastly, I’d like to say thank you for reading my posts. For giving me an audience to write for. And for being part of a year that has been so good for my soul.

I’d love to hear what you’d like to read in the future. What would you like me to write about next? Anything you want to know? Please leave me a comment below, or say hello on Facebook or Instagram. Go on, I’m all ears.


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