The weeks are coming around very quickly of late.  It seems like only yesterday I was writing last week’s little things.  Everything is feeling somewhat brighter, and I’m actually beginning to feel excited about the changes that have been forced upon us.  They could be something really good for us.  The lighter days and hints of spring are helping, everywhere I look I see green shoots peeping through.


A Little Luck

One of my guilty pleasures of blogging, is entering giveaways on other blogs.  Just before Christmas I won an adorable rabbit backpack (I’m sure it will feature strongly in our spring days out).  This week I won the cutest child’s apron from My Mini Pinny, made from organic cotton, and just perfect for Bee.  We’ve just begun baking as an activity, and were in desperate need of something to protect Bee’s clothes.  Fate must have been shining down on us.


 toddler wearing little apron


A Little Positive Feedback

I’m so grateful that anyone reads my blog, and it’s really reassuring to hear positive feedback.  This week, several people have told me in person how much they enjoyed my last blog post, how much it touched them.  It keeps me going on the days I doubt myself and means such a lot to me.  Thank you.


A Little Something To Look Forward To

We made plans this week for Nana and Grandpa to visit.  It’s always easier having an extra pair of hands (or two), and Bee absolutely adores spending time with them.  I think we might go on a day trip somewhere special too.  When you’re a stay-at-home-parent the weekdays and weekends can often merge into each other, so its nice to do something a little different every now and again.


What has made you smile this week?  Let me know in the comments.


Dilan and Me

11 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things 4/52”

  1. The sunshine has made me smile this week. I sometimes feel that the days and nights merge in to one. To see the blue sky on my way to work was lovely 😊. Also Grace has started to leave me little messages around the house, found one glued to my bedroom door today “luv ue mommy” ❤X X X

    1. Its a lovely little group of regular linkers, and I love reading everyones posts. I’sure by the end of the year I’ll have some new friends.

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