Halloween – An End to October

We love Halloween in our house.  For many years it’s always been one of our most anticipated celebrations.  It brings to a close the month of October (my favourite month), signals the onset of deep Autumn, and marks our anniversary.

We have cultivated a few Halloween traditions over the years.  Pumpkin carving, scary movies, horror themed board games.  This year plans were scaled down somewhat due to a poorly Baby Bee, wiped out Mama and overworked Daddy.

We picked our pumpkins a couple of weeks ago.  Whilst Bee is certainly too young to wield a carving knife, I had an idea for a painting activity, so we chose her a little white pumpkin.  Our first job was to clean it.

Washing a pumpkin for halloween

Bee has had pumpkins on her Autumn shelves for a few weeks now.  She loves them and often brings them to me to explore together, matching them to the pumpkin picture in her farm book. So, when I retrieved her white pumpkin from the cellar and put it in the sensory tray with soapy water, Bee climbed straight in.  She had great fun splashing the water about and inspecting the scrubbing brush.  Once clean the pumpkin took pride of place drying on the kitchen dresser.  Bee spent the rest of the afternoon going to see it and pointed it out to Daddy as soon as he got home.

Painting a pumpkin for halloween

I decided to provide Bee with natural, taste-safe paint.  It would have felt strange decorating a natural object with regular paint.  I used a really simple recipe by the imagination tree and it turned out great.  Bee loved exploring the paint, tipping it out of the jars and spreading it around her tray.  She even made a pretty good job of painting the pumpkin.

Baby Bee's painted pumpkin for halloween

Once dry, the pumpkin turned out so much better than I had imagined, the ingredients in the paint causing it to crack and bleed.

I saved all the guts from our grown up pumpkins to put in Bee’s sensory tray the following day.  She couldn’t have been more unimpressed!  With a little persuasion she tentatively dipped in a spoon, but nothing I did could tempt her to get into the tray and explore.  I think we may have to stick to painting pumpkins for now.

Baby Bee exploring pumpkin guts during halloween

One of the best things about our new family is the opportunity to continue old traditions and build new ones for Bee to enjoy and remember.

Whatever the reason, I suspect we’ll always have pumpkins in October.

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  1. November 2, 2016 / 1:25 pm

    They always surprise us with what they are/aren’t interested in don’t they?! These are such lovely ideas for playing with pumpkins, the decorated one looks so cool! Happy anniversary, too.

    • catherine
      November 2, 2016 / 9:56 pm

      Thank you.
      I wonder if she didn’t like the smell. I don’t have a sense of smell so it could have smelt awful for all I know.

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