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little things girl playing in water park

It’s The Little Things 14/52 & 15/52

Two for the price of one this week.  Last week was so super busy, that trying to do my Little Things post fell to the bottom of the heap.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s okay – that although I love my blog, Bee and the needs of our family come first. So,…

Little children collecting easter eggs

It’s The Little Things 13/52

I’ve been so busy this week that I’m pretty surprised I’m even managed to find time for some Little Things.  But I’m glad I have.  No matter how long my to do list, I always like to make sure that I spend focussed time with Bee everyday.  Time where we’re doing something for her, together.…

little girl in sand pit

It’s The Little Things 12/52

Finding the Little Things that have made me smile every week, really helps me appreciate what’s great in my life.  Too often I only see the bad.  The argument about how we were spending our day, or Bee refusing to get in her car seat.  The millionth house viewing that wasn’t quite right, or the…

little girl reflection in rainbow glass

It’s The Little Things 11/52

I love writing about my Little Things each week.  It’s a constant reminder to look for the positives, even when things feel grey and mundane.  It’s inspired by the lovely Lauren from Dilan and Me and Jodie at Dear Little Daisy. This week we’ve had two family outings, so they’ve obviously both made it to…

pink and yellow mother's day flowers

Please Can We Talk About Mother’s Day?

Yesterday I walked down the Mother’s Day card aisle in the supermarket.  I realised something. I need to tell you a secret. The day I became a mother I changed.  I was no longer the same woman as before. I don’t like all the colours anymore.  Only pale pink, mauve and lemon yellow.   Nothing…

little girl looking through pavilion window

It’s The Little Things 10/52

We’ve had a full week, and sometimes it’s felt like we haven’t stopped.  It’s been pretty full on, and has had some not so fun times.  But the downs have been balanced by some great ups, and the week has been brimming with Little Things. A Little Breastfeeding In Public As a first-time mother, breastfeeding…

little girl touching a crocus

It’s The Little Things 9/52

This week has simply disappeared before my eyes.  I love this regular post, not only because it keeps my blogging pinned down to a rough schedule, but because even when I think I’ve had a rubbish week, there’s always a Little Thing that has made it brighter. A Little Nail Polish I painted my nails.  I…

little things colourful crockery

It’s The Little Things 8/52

Despite my cold persistently hanging around, this week has been a much brighter.  The sun has been shining and the skies have been blue (mostly), which has led to me being outside more.  I’ve walked lots this week, and I feel all the better for it.  It’s these tastes of spring – sunshine, flowers, lent,…