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little girl touching a crocus

It’s The Little Things 9/52

This week has simply disappeared before my eyes.  I love this regular post, not only because it keeps my blogging pinned down to a rough schedule, but because even when I think I’ve had a rubbish week, there’s always a Little Thing that has made it brighter. A Little Nail Polish I painted my nails.  I…

little things colourful crockery

It’s The Little Things 8/52

Despite my cold persistently hanging around, this week has been a much brighter.  The sun has been shining and the skies have been blue (mostly), which has led to me being outside more.  I’ve walked lots this week, and I feel all the better for it.  It’s these tastes of spring – sunshine, flowers, lent,…

children's book heroines

5 Heroines Invited To Our Fantasy Play Date

Do you ever play the fantasy dinner guest list? Invite anyone you like.  Dead or alive, fictional or real, heroines, villains and heroes.  Our lists change, depending on mood, memory, or interest.  But a few big names feature regularly; permanent fixtures at our imaginary party. Since the arrival of Bee, inspirational women and leading female minds have…

little girl walking through empty hall

It’s The Little Things 7/52

This weeks Little Things comes to you from beneath a pile of blankets and through a fog of olbas oil. It all began with our trip to see Gran, who two days later was in hospital – admitted for a fall and quickly quarantined with flu.  First, Dan succumbed, a coughing, shivering zombie, haunting the master…

little red toddler boots

It’s The Little Things 6/52

Oh how quickly each week comes round.  I see them racing by in front of me.  Each week, Bee growing up just that little bit more.  Sometimes its easy to find the Little Things, other times I have to search a bit harder.  This week was a funny one. A Little Clarity My mind has…

little toddler feet in a muddy puddle

It’s The Little Things 5/52

Writing about my little things each week, has really changed my perspective.  I search for them.  And I find them in places I least expect.  I look at things differently, through a brighter filter.  I really notice. And I love hearing and reading about other people’s little things.  Learning what they see, and what things…

toddler wearing little apron

It’s The Little Things 4/52

The weeks are coming around very quickly of late.  It seems like only yesterday I was writing last week’s little things.  Everything is feeling somewhat brighter, and I’m actually beginning to feel excited about the changes that have been forced upon us.  They could be something really good for us.  The lighter days and hints…

Little things Knitting needle

It’s The Little Things 3/52

It’s been a tough week here.  Several pretty major things have all come at once, and we find ourselves caught up in the drama of them.  So, my little things have become all the more important.  A spark of light in amongst all the sighs, knotted tummies and endless to do lists. A Little Bit…